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HTMLShip is a powerful and easy-to-use web page encryptor. You can encrypt a whole website with just one click. There are many flexible protection options for advanced users.

These options include disabling "right-click to save target as", "browser offline", content selection, etc. The encryption is implemented using JavaScript, VBScript and JScript built in with standard-compliant browsers. HTMLShip is able to hide your javascript, vbscript, CSS style and HTML soure code. It also protects the email addresses from being found by evil automatic email collectors. Encryption of all link addresses protects your whole website from link theft or being downloaded by tools like teleport and webzip. Several general encryption methods are extended and combined to disable those automatic decryption tools. When the visitors try to view the source code, they can only see something totally unreadable. It will be almost impossible for other people to copy your web pages or even website under the protection of HTMLShip.

It's very simple to use HTMLShip to encrypt web pages. You have the following options to do so.

  • Drag webpages or folders from windows explorer to specified spots in htmlship.
  • Right in windows explorer and select [Encode by Htmlship] from the contect menu.
  • General procedure
    • In [File] page, use [Browse] to add one or more html files or use [add directory] to add a directory.
    • In [Setting] page, select an encryption algorithm in [Encrytion mode], select user-access restrictions in [Protection options].
    • In [Encrypt] page, click [Start] to carry out the encryption. Done!



Q: What's the use of <HEAD> tag in the [Setting] page?
A: This content here will not be encrypted. It'll be placed after the encrypted part of the web page header. It can be used to set character set or keywords, like <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">. They will be picked up by search engines.

Q: What's the use of <Body> tag in [setting page]?
A: The content here will not be encrypted It will be placed after the encrypted web page body.

Q: How to extend the [Protection Options] in [Setting] page?
A: Simply write your code into [Protection HTML]. The code in [Protection HTML] will be encrypted and put into the web page header. There must be strict error handlers in your code. Otherwise whenever an error occurs, the whole web page will not display correctly. Also, please don't control the content of the document directly unless you have enough reason to do so.
Please explicitly specify the correct language setting for your code. Code like <script>alert("test")</script> or <script>msgbox("test")</script> will produce unpredictable errors. You must write,
<script language=javascript>alert("test")</script>,
<script language=jscript>alert("test")</script>, or
<script language=vbscript>msgbox("test")</script>.


  • CPU: 333 Mhz Pentium II or higher
  • Memory: 256 MB RAM or higher
  • Disk Space: 20 MB free hard drive space
  • Operating System: Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME
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